Cyber Security Simplified

Demystify Security was born out of the realisation that Information security has historically been viewed as a ‘blocker’ by most organisations.  This view has been confounded by ‘industry experts’ shrouding good security practice in a veil.

Part of this is born of a culture in which the ‘security experts’ have turned the subject into a ‘black art’.  Furthermore, very little effort is made by the experts to simplify the subject matter, with an emphasis placed upon fuelling the notion that security is a complex subject best left to them.

The Demystify approach is simple, only when you can educate organisations to the extent that they understand the risks to their business, can you truly ensure that security is introduced in a cost effective and proportionate manner.

This site will over time be populated with a number of articles, taking a fresh and sometimes humorous approach to the world of information (and cyber) security.  Please feel free to comment on any of the articles, or if you like, suggest a new topic.

The emphasis is very much one where we will keep Information and Cyber Security Simplified.

Managing the impact of Cyber Security incidents
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Sh*t Happens

..s*it happens, and if someone has sufficient capability and motivation, they will get in; organisations need to start thinking about how they can reduce the impact of a breach and manage the spread of the brown stuff...