Demystify Security Ltd

We provide trusted cyber security consultancy services to keep your business' data secure.

Demystify Security Ltd

We provide trusted cyber security consultancy services to keep your business' data secure.

The Cyber Security Partner

for the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)

Cyber Security has an image of being technologically complicated and militaristic: systems and information are said to be under constant threat from by shadowy, semi-automated forces and need to be protected by special hardware and software, provided and managed by expensive experts.

While some elements of this image are true, it is very far from the full picture. Cyber security, at its core, is about effective Risk Management and the need to understand how certain opportunities or business endeavours carry more risk. If we did not take any risk, we would reduce the potential for reward or progression. This is a crucial concept within the context of cyber security and often the root cause of practices that inhibit business objectives.

The Demystify Security way is to offer a simple but effective approach to cyber security, based upon three offerings that allow for increasing rigour depending upon the nature, size and scope of your business. At the heart of these offerings is the need to keep your business running effectively, empowering YOU to make fully informed risk management decisions.

Demystify Security is your trusted Cyber Security Partner, empowering you to make effective risk management decisions, through simplicity, understanding, and ultimately enabling your business objectives.

What We Do

Assess and Advise

We will carry out an assessment of the cyber risks you face and the effectiveness of your current security measures.

Design and Certify

We will work with you to design, develop and implement controls to manage cyber risks.

Optimise and Lead

We can deliver and optimise a security programme that best meets the needs of your business.

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We have been supplying advice and practical services in cyber security for over 10 years to public, commercial and non-profit organisations.

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