We will work with you to design, develop and implement appropriate, cost-effective controls to manage cyber risks. If you want, we will enable your organisation to gain certification for a recognised standard such as Cyber Essentials or ISO27001.

If we have not already worked with you in the Assess and Advise capability, this service starts with an assessment of your business objectives and what technology you use to support the delivery of these. We will also evaluate your supply chain and any specific risks to data security arising from your interactions with the public, including customers. We will then assist you in designing the appropriate security controls.

The full set of services is:

  • Threat Model and Risk Assessment
  • Secure Design/Architecture
  • Ensure alignment/compliance with relevant Privacy regulation such as the UK Data Protection Act and GDPR.
  • Creation of policies, standards processes and patterns in line with business objectives.
  • Scoping, execution and management of PEN test or ITHC activity.
  • Evaluation against the certification requirements of a formal cyber security standard, such as Cyber Essentials or ISO27001.