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An honest review of Undeclared war on channel 4

By Robert Grigoras (Beware: Spoilers ahead) Introduction The series is set in 2024, The Undeclared War tracks a leading team of analysts buried in the heart of GCHQ, secretly working to ward off a series of cyber-attacks on the UK in the run up to a general election. When a routine stress test of internet […]


3 Ways to Protect your Privacy on Facebook

By Nick Duley. As technology is becoming an increasing part of our lives. It’s important to protect our privacy and security from online trolls and hackers. Facebook is one of the most common social networks out there and by default, the privacy features for one’s account are very limited. Leaving your personal information open. In […]

Teaching your Nanna about Cyber Security

By Eve Ferguson Most grandparents are now joining the world of smartphones, social media, internet banking and following the global pandemic, online shopping. So, how do you explain to a trusting generation that some people on the internet are just plain evil? My Nan, who is quite tech savvy – probably more tech savvy than […]


Is it Safe to use Serverless Applications?

By Bhaskar Deep. Let’s think like this, Storing our data at an unknown place. Is our data secure? can they access our business data? And the question chain continues… Who is Using it?   Modern technologies play a crucial role in the challenging IT world, many companies like Netflix and Adobe started using serverless applications. Many […]

So, What’s Phishing?

By Amelia McGuigan (Cyber Security Student). After the fifth text message this week inviting me to click on a suspicious link, I decided to dig a little deeper into how to avoid phishing attacks. We are continuously warned not to click on mysterious links in emails and texts, yet it only takes a momentary lapse […]


By Atul Periwal. What is Magecart? Magecart is the name assigned behind the world’s biggest cyber attacks to a multinational consortium of at least 8 criminal organizations. They’re best known as Magecart attacks, also known in the tech landscape as front-end attacks. These hacker groups who attack shopping cart networks online, typically the Magento scheme, […]



By Atul Periwal. Women play a key role in transformative cultural, environmental and social changes essential for sustainable development. Occupying a critical function, any mistreatment or subjugation of her reputation was seen as disrespectful, not just to her but to society as a whole. Yet the same doesn’t seem to be the case a few […]

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Side-channel attacks

By Diana Ion. Too many times overlooked by common security measures, side channels can offer attackers new avenues for information gathering and possibly much more.  A simple definition of a side-channel is something that enables you to find out something about a thing without directly observing that thing.    Think of a quiet neighborhood during wintertime.  All roofs are covered by snow, except for one. […]

Data Breaches: A story that seems to never end

By Farhan Subhan. Throughout our time on planet Earth, there have been major developments in nearly all aspects of life; from the industrial revolution to the events revolving around Y2K. Even with the doubts of the year 2000, and how calendar storage data was going to be affected due to the transition into the new […]



By Atul Periwal. The outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) has halted the entire world for months and it’s not ended yet. In this pandemic as the figure of infected people is rising due to a virus, simultaneously cybercrime threats are increasing at a rapid rate. It is pointless to mention, there are thousands of examples showing […]

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Passwords and Paranoia

By Anton Scott. The issue with universal passwords We have all been there, midway through creating a new account for a streaming site, subscription service, or online store and have been met with the daunting “Choose a Password” screen, with an endless list of criteria to follow to ensure a strong password.  But you haven’t […]


The Importance of Ethical Hacking

By Shameer Sabar. As technology advances, and organisations incorporate more and more IT systems into their business in order to aid and facilitate their functions and processes, it becomes necessary for them to test the safety and security of these IT systems. Small and medium-sized enterprises also known as SMEs, are especially vulnerable to cyber […]

Your PC taken Hostage

As with any hostage situation, there is no guarantee that by paying the ransom, you will be granted access to your PC; by paying on time, you may be able to access your files again. Missing the deadline could result in the ransom amount increasing or all of your files being deleted or released into the public domain.


Personal Cyber Hygiene

The Office for National Statistics estimates that there were 2.46 million cyber incidents and 2.11 million victims of cyber crime in the UK in 2015. There are simple ways to improve the security of your personal data and that of your business, from the mouth of industry and government experts.


Risk in the Internet of Things

By Oliver Yule-Smith Much of the current excitement on the Internet of Things (IoT) revolves around a focus on how we as individuals increasingly embed the use of internet-dependent devices to make our lives easier. However, there is a much more prevalent, but less discussed of late, practice of using this same IoT to run […]

Who Watches the Watcher?

    By Aqsa Hussain.. We have all heard about the whistleblowing scandal of 2013 which erupted in the USA resulting in a monumental leak of classified CIA files. Edward Snowden, the former contractor at the NSA and man responsible for this scandal soon after became the ‘coverboy for unpatriotism’ for some and heroism for […]

Hipster Counter-espionage?

The changing effect of modern-terrorism and technology, has made surveillance an even more intrinsic aspect of society. Perhaps, greater transparency in the revealing of successful operations would justify their existence e.g. the capture of dark-net paedophiles. However, this is a difficult request as the intelligence community naturally seeks to retain the cloak of secrecy and independence to operate.