Graphic of padlocks, one of them open

By Roddy Passwords, pah! Old-fashioned, insecure. Don’t cha just hate ‘em? Well no, they’re OK, especially if handled thoughtfully and used with varied user identities (see more on this at the bottom of this post) Yes, experts (notably Microsoft) have been predicting or promoting the abandonment of passwords as an access control method for many…

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Active vs. Passive Cyber Security

Tech worker

By Roddy. There is a lot of confusing – or inconsistent – terminology in cyber security (‘Tactics’ in the MITRE Att@ck framework?). It might look like this piece is introducing even more potential confusion but I think that distinguishing active from passive security is useful. Cyber security is about lots of things but, ultimately, it…

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Trusted security

How do u know that you are your mother’s child?

How can you be sure that the chef in that restaurant did not spit in your lasagne after you complained that the service was too slow?

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The rest room is cleaner than my security

I was in a popular fast food outlet the other day and maybe had one too many fries. Needless to say I had to visit the rest room, hereafter referred to as the ‘throne room’, to take the weight of the day’s proceedings off my mind.

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