Minimising risk in business: the relevance of cybersecurity and data protection

By Ivan Seifert.

Despite being a term on everyone’s lips and an increasing wealth of information becoming available online, cybersecurity remains somewhat of an abstract concept. This may have something to do with its intangibility or perhaps more simply because most us don’t feel the need to gain knowledge of the topic and apply it to our everyday lives.

The fallout from that way of thinking, however, can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, the ever-expanding number of businesses being hacked says a lot about what we can expect in the future.

As a small to medium-sized company in the virtual data room space, security has always been a top priority for Drooms. We sat down with Rosanna Woods, Country Head UK of Europe’s leading VDR provider, to discuss cybersecurity in 21st-century business and how you can minimise risk.

So first and foremost, introductions: what does Drooms stand for and what are some of the key strategic objectives of the business?

What role does cybersecurity play in Drooms’ business practices?

The GDPR has shaken things up big time. What are some of its implications for business?

Still on the topic of data protection, is Drooms GDPR ready?

Drooms has always taken the security of its customers extremely seriously and has been GDPR ready for a while now. Several factors have made the road to compliance rather straightforward. Certainly, being a European provider historically compliant with strict German data protection standards has helped.

When it comes to a cyber threat, are there some sectors more at risk than others? Any tips for those wanting to minimise risk?

Sharing business-critical information in the era of cyber threat is risky with a lot of platforms out there. Security should be a major area of focus for providers who ought to be able to explain the various measures adopted to protect data from modification, unsanctioned processing or loss.

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A collaboration between Ivan Seifert from Demystify Security and Leonora Staines from Drooms. Thanks to India Lewis for providing video editing support.