Phase 3  – The execution

Somewhere in a call centre….

Call centre operative: Hello, helpdesk, how can I be of assistance?

Caller: Hi there, I seem to have issues getting into my account, I was wondering if you could perhaps reset my password?

Call centre operative: No problem, can you please give me your name?

Caller: Ahh, its Gideon…Gideon Jones

Call centre operative: Thankyou Gideon, for security reasons, I will have to ask you a few questions.

Caller: No problem, please do.

Call centre operative: Can you please give me your mother’s maiden name?

Caller: It’s Singh.

Call centre operative: Thank you Gideon, can you now please give me your place of birth?

Caller: It’s Mauritius.

Call centre operative: Finally, can you please give me the name of your first pet?

Caller: Its moggy, I loved that cat, bless her.

Call centre operative: That’s great Gideon, thanks for answering the questions, do you have a pen and paper handy to write down your new password…….?


Phase 4 – The Impact

The next day at Chicken Universe HQ…

Chicken Universe MD to his PA: Sandra, can you please get the head of product design, Gideon Jones, in my office!

Gideon Jones: Hello sir, I understand you called for me.

Chicken Universe MD: (sounding very angry): Have you seen the news?  The recipe for our new range of Nuggets has been put online, on some forum!

Gideon Jones: I don’t…I mean, how did this happen?  This can’t be, only I have access to the product recipes!

Chicken Universe MD: They even know that those nuggets only contain 0.01% of chicken.  Our share price has fallen by 60% overnight…


Phase 2a – (Inadvertent) Reconnaissance

3 days earlier….

An interview is taking place at Chicken Universe HQ for the role of assistant to the head of product design.

Gideon Jones: Who’s the next candidate, ahh yes, Nicholas Smith, please send him in.

As Nicholas Smith enters the interview room, a phone rings (the ear piece volume is quite loud and can be heard by those in close proximity)..

Gideon Jones: Hello this is Gideon Jones, who’s that?

Call Centre Operative: Hi Gideon, this is Mildred from the helpdesk, I’m calling about your password reset request this morning, in order to assist you further I need some additional details to reset your password..

Gideon Jones: ahh, you mean the answers to my secret questions, well, I am in the middle of a meeting at the moment and will have to call you back…but erm can you remind me of your number?

Call Centre Operative: Yes, of course, it’s……

Gideon Jones: Sorry about that Nicholas, but I had a few issues with my webmail this morning, never works when you need it to, ever since we got that workplace 321 email service…but any way, let’s get on with the interview shall we?


Phase 1 – Motive

20 minutes later…

Gideon Jones: Well, thanks for all of that information Nicholas and for answering our questions, but one of my colleagues in HR has notified me of a problem with your application.

Nicholas Smith: What do you mean, what kind of problem?

Gideon Jones: Well my colleagues were looking at your Facebook profile and images yesterday, and well…erm a number of the images were quite disturbing, I mean they showed you eating burgers at one of our main competitors.

Nicholas Smith: But those photos were taken a long time ago and how are they even relevant?

Gideon Jones: That wasn’t the only thing they found, there was your lads weekend in Bognor Regis, there is this one snap where you are seen holding what one can only describe as a rather large joint.

Nicholas Smith: But that was last month……

Gideon JonesI’m sorry Nicholas, but it sets the wrong impression, being my assistant is a very high profile role and I can’t employ someone who eats at those places and indulges in this type of activity.

Nicholas Smith (as he is leaving): This is simply ridiculous, you have not heard the last of this…

To be Continued……………..

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